Activa 6G vs 5G

Honda Activa 6G vs Activa 5G Full Detail Comparison

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India company is planning to launch Honda Activa 6G in the range of 49,927 to 68,321. The new Activa has come up with the new features which are precisely variant from those of Activa 5G. You will get to see many new colors and elements. Activa 5G has come up with the starting price of rupees 52,460. The first significant difference that you will find is that 6G will be an electric scooter while Activa 5G is the petrol two-wheeler. 6G will be dominating others and threatened the other two-wheelers of India.

Here with you, we will make a comparison between Honda Activa 6G vs 5g. This comparison will let you know which one is the best.

Honda Activa 6G vs 5G Specifications

Both the models of Activa have the same engine. However, in Activa 6G they will be using the cylindrical engine with 110cc which will produce the power of 9PH with the torque production of 9 Nm. Active 5G will be using the engine of 109.2cc using single cylinder producing the energy as 8bhp  at 7500 rpm with the torque of 9Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine of 5G has got mated to the CVT gearbox.

Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa 6G Spy Shot

Currently, the model 6G would be available with the LED headlight as the standard. Also, 5G has been launched the LED headlamps along with the integrated LED daytime running lights with the chrome garnish.


honda activa 5g

Honda Activa 6G vs Activa 5g Mileage and Transmission type

Activa 5G has the automatic transmission feature which has come up with the mileage of 45 KMPL. Also, Honda Activa 6G has the automatic transmission, but the expected mileage of the new model will be around 55 KMPL.

Weight and Fuel Tank Capacity

The average weight of the new upcoming model is the same as that of Honda Activa 5G that is 109 kg. Being based on the fuel, Activa 5G has the fuel tank capacity of 5.3 L and Activa 6G is expected to run with the fuel tank capacity of 5.6 L. Activa 6G is also likely with the advanced Braking System while Activa 5G is with the Combi-Braking System. Activa 6g is expected to carry the same size Tyres as per Activa 5G, and the size would be around 10 inches.


Dimensions of Activa 6G vs 5G

The new digital fuel indicator is expected to come up in the new upcoming model. Well, the same is absent in 5G. Well, it is likely that Activa 6G will retain the standard dimensions as per its predecessor and the aspects would be 1761 x 710 x 1158 mm. Well, there will an increase in wheelbase in the new model as there would be in the fuel capacity.

The overall riding range of Activa 5G is 238.5 Km while the expected whole riding range for the new model is around 308 Km. The meters of the new model is supposed to be all new than the Activa 5G. The ground clearance of the new upcoming model Activa 6G is expected to be the same as that of 5G that is 153 mm. Also, the predicted seat height of Activa 6G is the same as that of Activa 5g that would be 765 mm.

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