Best Photoshop Extensions and Plugins for Designers

Best Photoshop Extensions and Plugins for Designers: Even though Adobe Photoshop is a powerful platform for designers, there are times when it may seem to lack certain features that may help increase production, streamline processes, and generally make life easier. It’s a blessing that Photoshop enables the usage of plugins and extensions to expand its capabilities. We’ve produced a list of the best free Photoshop plugins, which is good news.

With the help of these plugins, you may automate time-consuming tasks, eliminate steps, save time, and more. They are a crucial component of your toolkit as a designer since they allow you to work more efficiently and rapidly.

Best Photoshop Extensions and Plugins for Designers:


Hexy makes it simple to get the Hex and RGB color codes. This plugin allows you to choose a color from a picture by clicking on the eyedropper tool. The chosen color will then be automatically copied to your clipboard by Hexy. In this approach, you can paste it into CSS and start using it immediately. It serves as a helpful tool for selecting colors.

Price: Free

Size Marks:

SizeMark allows you to add labels for object size or the separation between objects using a marquee tool. Each label that SizeMark generates is preserved in its layer, allowing you to alter it as necessary by changing the color or moving it. When turning a PSD file into a functional website, it is essential.

Price: Free


A useful plugin that promotes better asset management is the oven. We can export photographs instantly using Photoshop’s Generator. Still, you must rename each layer to generate the image correctly and with the proper name. With the oven, that problem is resolved.

Price: Free


Converting a website from a PSD to functionality is never a simple process. Other details to consider include element size, placement relative to other elements, layer styles, font size, and font family usage. This information is easily reproducible using ink.

Price: Free


You can export layers in various scales with the LayerCraft Photoshop plugin. For Android devices, images can be exported as mdpi and xhdpi or @1x, @2x, or even @3x (necessary on iOS devices with Retina screens). If your everyday duty is to design user interfaces for mobile interfaces, this application will help you save a tonne of time.

Price: Free


Composer improves the Layer Comps tool in Photoshop. Instead of saving design changes in different files, Layer Comps allows you to manage and retain them all in one file. Layer Comps and Smart Objects carry out similar tasks. Each might have distinctive qualities, like layer styles and blending modes. In this case, Composer provides the most straightforward way to update these styles with only one click.

Price: Free


Using Duplllicator is the quickest technique to duplicate layers or groups in Photoshop. You can then modify the cloned layer’s vertical and horizontal spacing after choosing the number of copies you want.

Price: Free

Random User Generator:

We waste time looking for random pictures of people to put in the mockup when building a design. Creating a credible username takes time as well. If these problems bother you, the Random User Generator Photoshop Plugin will take care of them quickly and effectively.

You can easily incorporate sample names and arbitrary user images of men or women in your PSD files. You can either copy the image and name you want to use and then paste it there, or you can click and drag the profile photo into your Photoshop document. To proceed with the procedure and create a new random user, click the “New Random User” button.

Price: Free

Guide guide:

Having columns with precise pixel placement is simple using the GuideGuide Photoshop plugin, midpoints, rows and baselines for your document or selection. It can be used to save frequently used guide sets that you might require later. Various metrics are also available for use.

The plugin allows you to create baseline grids, calculate element padding, and determine precisely how large a navigation element must be to fill the entire width of a website. Photoshop CC or newer are available for purchase for $10 or as a free trial.

Price: 14-day trial, or $36/year

Transform Each:

The “Transform Each” command from Illustrator is a helpful feature absent from Photoshop. You can convert groups of layers in the same way that each layer was altered individually. Multiple items can be rotated, resized, and placed together without needing to be moved individually.

It also provides the option to scale styles and set limits on proportions. Never press OK without first checking the result using the Preview button.

Price: Free

Long Shadow Generator 2:

The “Long Shadow Effect” shouldn’t be difficult for a beginner Photoshop user. Editing will be a headache if your client doesn’t like the result. To prevent this, use the Long Shadow Generator 2 Photoshop plugin.

This plugin can swiftly create a long shadow, as the name says. You may change the shadow length, opacity, black or white shadow, flatten or gradient shadow, and shadow angles from the panel settings.
Price: Free
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