Best Tools to Create Online Quizzes and Polls

Best Tools to Create Online Quizzes and Polls

Best Tools to Create Online Quizzes and Polls: Online quizzes and polls can be used for several purposes, including generating conversation among viewers, motivating them to share their opinions, and gathering data to help your business operations. You may quickly and simply create these interactive products using various free internet tools with features ranging from the most basic to comprehensive.

These 10 handy tools can be used to create online tests and polls for your website or content marketing efforts.

Best Tools to Create Online Quizzes and Polls:

1. Testportal:

This is a top platform for assessing knowledge and abilities used by hiring managers, training teams, and academics in the corporate world. Its greatest strength is the insight engine, which offers complete test data and analytics and allows quick access to the most precise information. Additionally, it includes easy-to-use facilities for editing questions and affordable proctoring options.

Testportal users can incorporate any quiz into their websites. Each quiz setting can be customized, including branding and white labeling. The quiz’s time restrictions, question categories, randomization, scoring, and much more can all be modified by platform users.

2. PollEverywhere:

Websites that want to let people create polls can use this powerful tool perfectly. Using a simple user interface, users can create their polls. On Facebook or Twitter, you may share your poll with friends or look at popular polls.

Using this tool, you may add polls to articles and web pages on your website. Consider using PollEverywhere if you’re seeking for an easy way to add polls and quizzes to your website. PollEverywhere is free, but some premium services require a small monthly membership even though they are available for free (cheaper if you buy annually). It’s worth a look because it’s so simple to use.

3. Google Forms + Flubaroo:

Google Forms is a free survey-making tool provided by Google. Despite being simple, it works fantastically. It provides several beneficial additions, such as data validation, which enables you to establish criteria for what constitutes a correct response and fundamental tools like text boxes and multiple-choice selections.

It’s straightforward to collect student replies via Google Forms and grade them using machine learning when utilizing Flubaroo. An MIT student and developer designed the solution because they could not find any pre-existing solutions that met their requirements.

4. Interact:

Using Interact, you can create quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and boost website traffic. Choose from more than 800 templates in 40+ categories to create personality, score, and assessment quizzes that mimic those on Facebook or Buzzfeed.

Even if buyers choose to download your freebie, most ebooks and PDFs only generate virtual dust on users’ hard drives rather than screaming fans eager for more of your magic.

5. SurveyMonkey:

Interacting with users to engage your audience is a successful tactic. One of the finest ways to do this is through online polls., and they can be rapidly created with programs like SurveyMonkey or by including poll widgets on your website. According to an eMarketer report, only 37% of B2B marketers who employ quizzes and polls on their websites succeed.

If you’re looking for methods to communicate with your audience through polls, consider including questions about demographics (age, gender), a degree of education (especially what you’re covering in your content), or other user-defined information. By doing this, you can make everyone’s experience more pertinent.

6. ThatQuiz:

With the help of this simple website, you may construct exams, polls, forms, surveys, or questionnaires. It provides a simple drag-and-drop editor that makes it possible to make interactive online quizzes without having advanced technological skills. It’s easy to embed your survey into an existing webpage or share a link with your audience.

7. SoGoSurvey:

You can ask a variety of questions with this online survey tool. You may create surveys more easily for any objective, including academic, professional, or personal use. Additionally, it enables people worldwide to answer your questions using a phone, laptop, or PC at any time and from any location. You can control the replies with ease.

8. Outgrow:

With Outgrow, you can create eye-catching tests, polls, surveys, and more, with adaptable options to mobile devices. Simply type in the content of your question or upload it from PowerPoint or Google Slides, then customize it with visuals and colors that are best for your company.

Use extras like an avatar quiz tool or a color wheel selection, or pick from thousands of questions other users have prepared (excellent for colorblind people). If you’re not satisfied with the options offered, you may also create exactly what you need using the many customization options that are also accessible. Using connectors to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it is simple to post the results immediately after participants complete your poll or quiz. HTML is not necessary.

9. FlexiQuiz:

Users can create interactive quizzes with multiple-choice, true/false, show/hide, fill-in-the-blank, and numeric input choices using FlexiQuiz.One of the most reasonably priced tools is FlexiQuiz. It has some amazing features, such as the ability to create an infinite number of multiple-choice questions, free poll hosting on your website, and integration that enables lead generation from your quiz via a specific URL.

10. LeadQuizzes:

You can either create quizzes from scratch or use pre-built templates with this application. There are templates for true/false, multiple-choice, and other questions. Additionally, the function enables you to provide the quiz’s URL to any audience member, allowing them to take it and react even if they don’t have a LeadQuizzes account. For the convenience of your users, you may also incorporate audio and visual materials.


These tools enable you to easily produce eye-catching tests and surveys. Each one is user-friendly and has competent support personnel. Try using any or all of them; we’re sure you’ll appreciate doing so as much as we do. I hope you get point about Best Tools to Create Online Quizzes and Polls.

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