Boeing’s self-flying aircraft has successfully completed its first flight

Boeing’s autonomous flying taxi VTOL has its first flight successfully completed. The company says that Boeing’s flying taxi VTOL tested, which were found that this takeoff, in the air it is able to take off and the land. Another where other companies have been engaged in making the flying taxi work, while the Boeing one step ahead and it is also shown. That may be called a good start.

Boeing’s self-flying aircraft Video

It will be able to be used for urban air mobility where other means of ground transport may not work in a better way. This will not only save the environment but also there will be not trouble to other people using this aircraft.

Boeing's self-flying aircraft

 The company is considering making the Autonomous aircraft a cargo oriented that will be 500lbsed with approximately 230 kg of weight. The company’s challenge however is to find customers for this aircraft. In addition, there are still practically hurdles and some government rules are to be fulfilled like where to land and where and when it can be fly.

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