car driving tips and tricks for beginners

What are the Car Driving Tips and Tricks for New Learners ? Men Or Women

Every ladies has once heard a joke or even a criticism about”ladies drivers”.  Not one of us likes to listen to it, but between us women, a great deal of it’s true.  I mean let’s face it there are plenty of women that aren’t too good drivers.  But, there are a few things every one of us can do in order to be a better driver.  Here they are: Car driving tips for beginners India.

  1. Good driving posture:

It is important so that you can maneuver safely and quickly in the event of unforeseen circumstances, so do not start your journey without first adjusting the seat, steering wheel and headrest.

  1. . Comply with the rules:

It is the basis of safe driving. If you meet the rules you will already be gaining more confidence at the wheel. it reduces the risk of death by up to 80%. For all drivers who have newly learnt car driving tips and tricks, it is essential to wear seat belts and not to exceed the speed limits and adapt it to the weather and track conditions.

  1. A lot of concentration and observation:

Driving is not a simple task. When we drive we are responsible for a machine that badly used can do a lot of damage. For this reason, at the wheel the concentration should be maximum, especially in the city and car driving tips for beginners India says that  we do not have to miss any detail or signal. Avoid actions that can distract you such as conversations with passengers or listening to music, conversation on cell phones.

  1. No alcohol or drugs:

It is another rule that every driver must meet. Driving is incompatible with alcohol or drugs , however little it is consumed. If you have to travel after having consumed any of these substances be responsible and choose a sober friend to take you, or a taxi or public transport.

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car driving self learning tip abc accelerator break clutch

What are the basic car driving tips for ladies?

For these beautiful women who drive, who are mothers, wives and professionals, these car driving tips for ladies should be taken into account and become even more professional at the wheel

  1. Foot wears

Women should avoid certain shoes that can directly affect safety, such as flip flops, sandals, high-heeled shoes, high-heeled boots, which can get tangled in the rugs or carpet, or those that cover the pedal.

Some shoes tend to slip off the pedal, producing undue reactions on the pedal, the shoe must be comfortable, it must not hinder the movement of the foot. Ideally, have some shoes in the car to use at the time you are going to drive

  1. Comfortable clothes

It is advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothes when driving, especially in long trips, pants and a blouse. The discomfort generates distraction that can play against the wheel. Certain suits, dresses or tight-fitting clothes can interfere with the ability to react.

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car driving Tips for ladies

  1. Objects in the cabin

The cell phone, the bag, the keys or the agenda, the children’s toys, all can become a projectile at the time of a braking or in an obstacle between the foot and the pedal. Also during the road the movement of these elements becomes a strong distraction, to try to contain them, they also become a threat to passengers.

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  1. Pregnancy

You must adjust the seat in such a way that you can reach the pedals, never place the belt under the arm or behind the back, as it can affect the mother or the baby.

  1. Mechanics

Many women go against this point, they do not want to know about this issue, they leave it to their husbands, some only know how to put fuel, and drive. They must also be aware of mechanics part of their car.

So, these are some basic car driving tips for learners and ladies.

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