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Dubai Expo 2020 – The Details about This Major Global Event – Automobile Industry

Dubai is one of the most populous cities in the Middle East and one of the most developed cities in the region. It is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and has developed leaps and bounds over the last few decades. It is a large city with skyscrapers, modern infrastructure and displays the wealth of the region in a very stylish way. This is a global city with large airports, metro lines and other modern forms of transportation facilities. Dubai is known as a shopping, trading and commercial hub in the region and many tourists visit Dubai every year. The Dubai Expo in 2020 is going to be a major global event in Dubai which is going to open on 20th October 2020. Bureau International Des Exposition awarded this major international expo to Dubai after assessing several bids from Dubai and other countries. Currently, 192 countries are going to take part in the Dubai Expo and there will be millions of tourists visiting Dubai to visit the Dubai Expo 2020:

The Logo and Theme of the Expo

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future is the main theme of the Expo 2020 Dubai. This is a very progressive and forward-looking theme for an expo. This is because it is a theme about innovation, the creation of new ideas and connecting people that can contribute towards progress in different fields together. To forge the world of tomorrow, people with new ideas need to be given a platform where people can have a free exchange of ideas and work towards a common goal of making the world a better place. The hashtag that is trending for this Expo 2020 in Dubai is # Hayyakum 2020. The Logo is inspired by a 4000 year old ring that was found in the desert in Dubai and is a beautiful representation of the city. There are three basic principles of this theme that include:

Expo 2020 Dubai

  • Opportunity

This Dubai Expo 2020 is aimed to shape a brighter future for planet earth. Hence it is a tremendous opportunity for supporting solutions of many of the world’s problems. There will be many panels and discussions about global issues through Expo Live Programs.

  • Mobility

Dubai is a major commercial and trading hub in Asia. “Mobility Solutions” for a more seamless movement of trade and people is necessary for the future that is increasingly becoming more and more globalized. New global digital frontiers need to be explored and platforms like Expo 2020 in Dubai are perfect for such connectivity.

  • Sustainability

Climate Change and global warming can cause major natural disasters all over the world and can also make areas of the world uninhabitable in the future. Sustainability is a basic theme of this Expo and especially in terms of adopting clean renewable energy. It also looks at alternative sources of food and water which is going to be critical for the future.

Dubai Expo 2020 – Location & Dates

World Expos like the Dubai Expo are a major global event that happens every few years in major cities. In 2020 the Expo is to take place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Expo 2020 dates have been announced. The Expo will start on October 20, 2020, and will last for six months. The ticket sales will start at the end of the month. The expo will take place over a large stretch of land in Dubai. It is scheduled to open at the Expo Road in Dubai South in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai. There will be many pavilions at the expo including Dubai Auto Expo 2020 auto pavilions. The transportation facilities to and from the Expo are going to be impeccable and it will be very easy for visitors to travel to the Expo in Dubai.

auto expo 2020 dubai

The Dubai Expo Premier Auto Partner – Nissan

Nissan is the official automotive partner of the Dubai Expo. The Auto Expo 2020 Dubai component of the Expo will get a boost as Nissan will provide a fleet of vehicles for the Expo. It also includes environmentally friendly electric cars and will also showcase many types of next-generation cars that will display advanced technologies that make the cars truly futuristic. The Dubai Expo is going to be the first major organized event in the world to use an electric car called Nissan Leaf which is a top- selling electric car all over the world. As sustainability is a major guiding principle at this Expo, choosing electric cars that run of renewable energy is a sensible choice.

dubai auto expo 2020 nissan

Auto or Car Displays at the Dubai Expo 2020

There will be 192 countries that have huge pavilions at the Dubai Expo 2020. The pavilions will showcase how each country is working towards the theme of mobility, sustainability, and opportunity. Many countries will display Dubai Expo 2020 Cars as they are a mode of transport that offers mobility and opportunity to many. Sustainable cars will be featured in the pavilion of many countries participating in the Dubai Expo 2020. This is because pollution contributed by cars running on conventional sources of energy is a major factor in climate change. New modern innovative cars will be on display and there will be many new innovations on display at the Expo. Self-driving cars, cars with the latest gadgets and technology and fast sports cars will all be a major feature of the Expo 2020. The Expo plans to attract many visitors to the Dubai Car Expo with the test run of flying cars that the transport authority in Dubai is planning in partnership with Uber.

The Dubai government won the bid for the Expo 2020 beating top competitors from different corners of the globe. Dubai is very centrally located and a close plane ride from different Asian, African and European countries. The expectation is that millions of people will visit the Dubai Expo 2020 over the six months from October 2020. It is a major event in Dubai and it is expected to advance sustainability and mobility and create opportunities for a futuristic global outlook.

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