electric bikes in India 2020

Electric Bikes in India 2020, List of Electric Bikes, Scooters in India 2020

Did you need a reason to switch to the electric bike in India? Here you have reasons for it. Advantages and benefits of the electric bikes. Reasons why you’ll love moving on ebike in India

1. The electric bike is a means of transport
The electric bike is not just a sports or entertainment item. It is, above all, a means of transport. In fact, it is a great means of transportation. For legal purposes it is still a bike, and therefore, enjoys its many advantages, without its main drawback: in an electric, if you do not want to sweat, you do not sweat.
We would like this to be known to people who suffer the straits of the subway every morning, or those who endure traffic jams because they still use the car in the city.

2. The bike is a very safe vehicle
According to statistics, and contrary to what is believed, urban cyclists run less risk than pedestrians or motorcyclists. Their mortality by city is practically zero, and suffers only 0.9 accidents for every 100,000 km travelled compared to the 1.3 of the car.
If basic safety elements such as the helmet, the reflective vest or the regulatory lights were used, the accident rate would undoubtedly be even lower.

3. The e-bike will save you a lot of money
The electric bike is, by far, the most economical means of motorized transport. Per kilometre travelled, the car is seven times more expensive and public transport three.

Top list of electric bikes in India 2020

Honda PCX

Honda PCX

Presented at Last Auto Expo, the Honda PCX comes with the design language of its gas counterpart. Minor updates include LED lighting on the front and rear, and a fully digital instrument console.

TVS Creon

TVS Creon Electric bike

Exhibited again at Auto Expo 2018, the all-electric scooter from TVS has been developed in partnership with Intel. It comes with connectivity options such as GPS, parking assistance, cloud connectivity, geofencing, anti-theft and more.

Okinawa i Praise

Okinawa i Praise electric scooter in India

Okinawa will replicate the design and mechanical components of its “Praise” for the iPraise, with the difference in a lithium-ion battery instead of the existing lead-acid unit. It is electric bikes under 1 lakh.

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Bajaj electric scooter

Bajaj electric scooter

It is mentioned that the company is very interested in adopting EVs and that the EVs in all formats, two and three wheels and in their quadra cycles, will be launched by 2020 Since the firm has already left with three-wheeled electric vehicles, it is expected to offer two-wheeled electric scooters vehicles in  India 2020 to comply with its timeline. However, there is no official confirmation from the company about any product of this type as of now.

Mahindra electric scooter

Mahindra electric scooter

You can see a similar scenario in the case of Mahindra, since the company is already working on a lot of EV offers. While selling his GenZe electric scooter in the US UU., You must still submit a similar offer in your local market. If everything goes as planned by the company, a Mahindra electric scooter might not be a distant dream.

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