Honda CB150R streetster

Honda CB150R Streetster 2019 Revealed – Check Complete Detail

Honda revealed its new road killer at 5am in Thailand today, which has taken everyone by surprise.  Automobile enthusiast says, that this bike is basically a redefined version of its previous launch known as CB150R street naked edition. This modified version is known as the Honda CB150R streetster edition.  This article will enlighten you about all the new features of this new beauty so that your search ends here.

What’s new in Honda CB150R streetster ?

The detailing and the paint scheme are the new highlights of this bike. Meaning in this new version you get see impeccable detailing on the brake callipers. Now most of the people mix this automobile with CB300R because of its neon- retro styling similarities and some match on technical components.

Honda CB150R streetster 2019

2019 Honda CB150R streetster specification

Now this majestic beauty comes with loaded features but can be broken down into three segments like engine specifications, brake specification and wheel design. This bike consists of 149 cc single cylinder engine which is liquid cooled and fuel injected. The official website doesn’t quote a power figures but it is expected to be 18-20 horse power. In addition the bike will feature a gearbox of six speed unit. Furthermore, it is rumoured to use a diamond frame that will sprung up 41mm when subjected to monoshock Coming to the brake specification, the road killer will highlight the same brake features that were present in street naked edition. This means it will have 220mm brake at the rear and 296mm brake at the front which will have the feature of ABS (Anti-lock breaking system).

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Honda CB150R streetster Bike

The wheel of the bike tends to have similarities with CB300R and known to have the same specification and details. For instance this beauty will feature tyre specification as 150/60-17 at the rear and 110/70-17 at the front.  In addition the tyres will come with full led lighting.

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Summary specification Honda CBR 150R Streetster 2019

Specification of Honda CBR 150R Streetster  
 Total number of gear 6
Total number of cylinders 1
Capacity of the fuel tank 8.50
Height of the seat 795mm
Top speed rate 120kmph
Weight distribution 125 kg
Mileage 45-55kmpl
Fuel type petrol
Engine description 4 valaved single cylinder with liquid cooling technology

Honda CB150R price in India

This bike is soon expected in the India and it’s rumoured to have an aggressive pricing. Now Honda has already surprised its customers by keeping the bike at lower price bracket for Indian customers. For instance the CB300R was launched at a price point of RS 2.41 lakh in India, which was launched in Thailand with a price 1, 49,800 baht which equals to 3.25 lakh. If this bike comes to India, then it will give a massive competition to KTM duke 125 and Yamaha MT-15.

Honda CB150R streetster Bike 2019

Should you buy it Honda CB150R ?

The bike launched in at 99,800 baht in Thailand which comes to 2.16 lakh in Indian currency. Though a Honda CB150R streetster 2019 price is little high but you get a complete package with excellent engine support coupled with good looks. So if you are thinking of buying a road killer which is not only known for its looks for also for its features then this bike is your ideal choice.

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