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Mahindra Electric Cars 2020 – List of Upcoming Mahindra Electric Vehicles 2020

Mahindra & Mahindra is a brand name in car industry, 4×4 and industrial vehicles of Indian origin. Despite being little known in Europe and of debatable reputation, it belongs to the giant Mahindra Group with presence in many sectors.

In Europe Mahindra is known for the commercialization of the Bolero, Scorpio and for a short time, the Quanto, Genyo and XUV500. In other places such as India itself, they are leaders in the production of tractors; they sell medium and low-range passenger cars, produce scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and a wide range of industrial vehicles, including trucks.

Mahindra is the current owner of SsangYong Motor Company, although both companies maintain very differentiated their ranges and approaches. The collaboration between Mahindra and Renault for some years was not as good as they had planned , although M & M keeps selling Verito derived from Logan that should have become a super sales in the local market.

The electrical market is also of vital importance for Mahindra, which is why in 2011 they completed the acquisition of the manufacturer REVA (Mahindra electric cars), specializing in small cars and zero-emission quadricycles.

List of Mahindra Electric Cars in India 2020

1. Mahindra e2o Plus

mahindra e2oplus electric car

Mahindra e2o was Mahindra first car Electric cars, The four door electric vehicle was launched in India back in October 2016. it replace with 2 door e20, which was launched in  2013.  As per latest report production has been stopped of e20 plus because of low sales. The last e2o Plus production was done on 31st March 2019.

2. Mahindra E Verito

mahindra e vertio e

Second most popular electric cars in India of Mahindra is e-Verito sedan. It is available in three variants D2 priced Rs. 9.5 lakh, (D4) 9.75 lakh, (D6) pricedRs. 10 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. It is proper 5 seater car and it has boot Space of 510 litre. Mahindra e verito driving range of 110 km at full charge and max top speed of 86 kmph. It takes 8 hours to full charge and having 41 bhp and 72 volt electric motor. Top-end variant is equipped with a Quick Charge facility.

3. Mahindra XUV300 Electric

2020 mahindra xuv300

One more car, Mahindra is working for compact SUV segment electric car. Recently spy shots captured of Mahindra XUV300 electric car. The car is expected to have 380 volts  which will travel the range of 200 kilometers. This car can be showcased at upcoming Indian Auto Expo. Car to be launched with all standard safety features.

Market of electric cars of Mahindra

Although at the moment in the sector of the four wheels Mahindra does not have a great internal relevance it is in the plans of the manufacturer to increase its presence with new products. In Europe they have recently renewed the crossover offer while in Latin America they have given priority to the light commercial sector.

Although Mahindra has already sold electric cars in Europe, the popularity of these models has not been as expected. Low sales levels and a negligible market share have caused the Indian manufacturer to rethink its situation in the old continent with respect to sustainable mobility. And that’s where the Pininfarina boys come into play. Rates of Mahindra electric cars price are very reasonable.

It is not the first time that the possibility of Pininfarina becoming Mahindra’s brand of electric cars has been discussed. However, and with respect to the information that we have at this moment, it will not be like that, although they will have a leading role. Pininfarina will be responsible for designing this new electric vehicle according to the tastes and “trends” that move today in Europe.

Europe is one of the main markets for the 2020 electric cars of Mahindra, and that is why the vast majority of top-tier manufacturers are working on a portfolio of products of this nature for drivers of the old continent. The price of this new model will be decisive to know which vehicles will face. Models such as the new Nissan Leaf will continue to be the reference of the sector for most drivers, while there are rivals of the likes of the Tesla Model 3 that cannot be overlooked.

The new Mahindra electric cars in India 2020 will have the most advanced technology developed by the Indian company. And although at the moment it is not an official data, we cannot ignore the reports that indicate the possibility that it is influenced to some extent by the Mahindra Halo Concept

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