Honda Amaze Crash Test

New Honda Amaze 2019 Crash Test Rating – 4 Star Global NCAP

New Honda Amaze, sold in Africa by made in India, has got 4 star crash test ratings in the Global NCAP crash test. The crash test has been carried out under the ‘ safer Cars for Africa ‘ campaign. As per the protocol of Global NCAP, the crash test of Honda Amaze has been at a speed of 64 km/hr per hour.

1 Star in Child Safety

 Honda Amaze has received just 1-star rating for child safety in this crash test, while Honda’s recommended child seat was used during the test. The dummy used in the test was based on an 18-month and 3-year-old child. The global NCAP crash test rating has given this rating based on head risk and injury fears.

Honda Amaze Crash Test Rating

Honda Amaze Crash Test 4 Star in Adult Safety

 Made-in-India African New Honda Amaze 2019 has got this 4-star rating for adult protection (adults passenger safety). At the same time, the car’s structure and Footwell area were stabled, meaning they were not harmed much. Let’s know you that the crash test is conducted in India at a speed of 56 km/hr per hour for the same certification, which is less according to Africa. The global NCAP uses its base variant (starting model) in crash tests of cars. In Africa, the amazes get dual front airbags and driver seatbelt reminder safety features in the standard, all the variant. Talking about the amaze 2019 that we get in India, it also has a seatbelt remind feature standard for the up-driver along with the speed warning system and driver, in addition to these safety features.  During this test, the base variant of the Honda Amaze was taken, which gets the dual airbags. The car has received 14.08 points out of 17 from the adult safety points. In child safety, the car has received 8.16 points out of 17. In this car, the company has incorporated several sophisticated features. It also has a speed alert system that alerts the driver with a beep sound when it is more than the speed of 80 km/hr per hour.

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See the video of the crash test below:

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The same protocol for India and Africa

 Global NCAP uses the same protocols in its campaign of safer cars for India and Africa. Due to this, the crash test result of Africa with Amaze is also being considered almost equal to the amaze sold in India. Second generation Honda Amaze has been launched in India from the year 2018. It’s starting price Ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs. 5.88 lakh.

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