2020 nissan versa

The All New Nissan Versa 2020 is Ready To Make the First Debut on 12 April

A prototype of Nissan Versa 2020 is out. It is a subcompact which is about to launch in 2020. However, then also with such a standard, the popularity has tanked. The company has announced for the complete redesigned Versa 2020 that would make its first look out on 12 April at the Florida music festival. However, it is not if the next car would be coming as a hatchback or not. However, the past model generations have offered both the styles of the body.

Nissan Versa 2020

The company provides a cheap and comfortable vehicle, and it always succeeds in it. Well, for the buyers, everything will work in their budget to go with the model. There are no specifications revealed out about interior designing. It has made our public to be in a dilemma. However, we are for sure that there will be an improvement in the infotainment system of the model. The new Versa is expected to provide the customer with the automatic transmission. Being the compact Sedan the length of the model will be less than 4000 mm.

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all new nissan versa 2020

The truth is that the weird looking model will have the external coverings which act as the attention magnet. With this reaction of the people, the manufacturers are much happy to release such a prototype in public. The free prototype out has acted as part of a marketing plan. With the first looks of 2020 Nissan Versa, the company is happy with the response from the public. The model would be having the less rounded headlights and the taillights that would grace the front and rear of the car.

nissan versa 2020

New Nissan Versa 2020 Engine

After seeing the prototype, it is clear that the new model will be having a sharp new looking that has got influenced by design at Altima. Also, we can see that the designers have moved the location of side mirror caps at the doors instead of placing it at the base of the A-pillars. The current Versa model includes 1.6 liters engine four cylinders which offers the power of 109 horsepower and 107 pound-feet of the torque. The drive must be to the front wheels. Well, we see a slight increase in the price from the current model. Also, the car will be carrying on the new set of wheels in America.

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NISSAN VERSA Sedan 2020 Spy shot

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The information regarding power train has remained a mystery till date. The expected starting price of the model is $15,000. Well, the amount is not too significant, but still, people are waiting for its arrival because it is offering with the new specifications. Nissan Versa is the oldest compact that first got launched in the year 2011. The car is affordable to us, but it has never been in the category of being favorite. It has also not competed with the other models. We will even get the chance to see the model in the Big Apple later.

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