New Honda Amaze 2019 Crash Test Rating – 4 Star Global NCAP

Honda Amaze Crash Test

New Honda Amaze, sold in Africa by made in India, has got 4 star crash test ratings in the Global NCAP crash test. The crash test has been carried out under the ‘ safer Cars for Africa ‘ campaign. As per the protocol of Global NCAP, the crash test of Honda Amaze has been at a speed of 64 km/hr ...

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BS4 vs BS6 Emission Norms, Difference Between BS 4 and BS 6 Fuel

bs4 vs bs6 norms

BS6 Emission Norms will increase car and fuel prices, but pollution levels will fall From 1 April 2020 next year, it is mandatory for all vehicle manufacturers to provide a new emission standard BS-6 engine in their vehicles. All two wheelers and three wheeler makers have started giving BS-6 engines in their vehicles. At the same time, BS-6 fuels have been started ...

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Bajaj Qute Quadricycle India Launching Soon

Bajaj Qute 2019

What is this ?, is it a car? is it a rickshaw?  It is a quadricycle, it has four wheels, but quadricycle is a different segment. So there is no need to pass safety norms of car, and either will it be sold as car. It is not as sold to be normal people, it is commercial vehicle, means you ...

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Boeing’s self-flying aircraft has successfully completed its first flight

Boeing’s autonomous flying taxi VTOL has its first flight successfully completed. The company says that Boeing’s flying taxi VTOL tested, which were found that this takeoff, in the air it is able to take off and the land. Another where other companies have been engaged in making the flying taxi work, while the Boeing one step ahead and it is ...

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