The All New Revolt Electric AI-enabled Motorcycle Going to Launch In June This Year 2019

Revolt is planning to launch an electric motorcycle in June India. The electric bike will get the 4G connectivity with the OTA update. The bike will be providing us with the 150-kilometers speed range in the real world under the riding conditions. The electric motorcycle will get launched in Delhi first and then in the other cities.

General Specifications

The Revolt Intellicorp is the Indian startup which has announced the launch of its Al-enabled electric vehicle. The features of the model will be enabling the motorcycle to optimize the performance of the battery that has its basis on the riding styles. Also, the company has decided to set up the dedicated charging grids too.

Revolt Intellicorp is the independent venture headed by Rahul Sharma who is the co-founder of the giant consumer company, Micromax. The company has a planned working on the motorcycle from last two years and have a lofty ambition to carve out the double-digit market share of the two-wheelers space in the coming years.

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Battery Specifications

The Revolt electric motorcycle will be the first AI-enabled model which is LTE connected and will be running a 4G Sim such that they can enable the functions. The company has not yet revealed regarding the powertrain features of the vehicle. However, they have confirmed one thing that they will be importing the engine and batteries for the new model. The in-house design will be BMS (Battery Management System) and ECU (Electronic Control Unit).


The Revolt electric motorcycle 2019 will be providing us with a speed of 85 Kilometers per hour. The bike has been spotted testing in Delhi which covered the speed of 156.8 Kilometers. Well, the figure turned out to be quite impressive. Also, it will be coming up with the battery swap system. The company has been even planning to give up with the combined braking technology. They have been looking for the lithium-ion battery.

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Other features

The 2019 Revolt Electric Motorcycle has been planning with an innovative solution for the charging instructions of the model. The company will be revealing the rest of the details when the dates are near for the launch of the motorcycle. The charging is expected to be wireless, but we must wait to see more features.

Revolt Electric Motorcycle 2019

The manufacturing facility of the bike is Manesar in Haryana. The place has hovered around one lakh of the square feet land which has the production capacity of around 1.20 lakh units that have been commissioned for the Phase 1. Well, the place is around double than other industries manufacturing electric vehicles. The project of the production will cost approximately 500 crores to the company. The R&D team is undertaking the manufacturing process from the past two years.

The company has claimed to scale up the sales network very quickly. The sales of the product will be available both online and offline with the help of company-owned experiences and dealerships. Also, the company has been planning to keep the supply at a healthy level and has expected to keep waiting for units as low as they can.

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