Skoda Vision X 2020 SUV

Skoda Vision X SUV Concept 2020 Overview

Skoda has got a good brand value in the Indian market due to its right range of the innovative model designs and the high performance and luxury features. The company is planning for the launch of new brand Skoda Vision X SUV which will have the best taillights and the LED headlights. It has given a dual tone outer color features, the new 3D design R20 alloy wheels, and electric ORVLMs. The interior of the model is expected to have loaded with the new information system with the touchscreen display, electrically adjustable seats with the leather upholstery, and automatic climate control system. In case of safety features, it surrounds the protection airbags, parking assist system with the element of standard, and ABS with BA and EBD.

Skoda Vision X SUV Concept

Skoda Vision X 2020

Skoda Vision X SUV Exterior Concept

The exterior concept of the new upcoming Skoda Vision X SUV 2020 resembles the designs of Kodiaq and Karoq models. The front profile is loaded with large bumpers along with the stylish contours and cladding, LED headlights, radiator grille with the chrome slats. The body contour from the elegant shapes and coating on the running board on the door panel, the fender to the quarter panel, the electric ORVMs along with the integrated indicators, and the stylish wheels of an alloy that would give up the dynamic stance. Well, it will leave a long lasting impression on the road with its color features.

Skoda Vision_X Concept

Engine and Transmission Concept

Skoda Vision X SUV will feature up with 1.5 liters of the turbocharged engine that would run Compressed Natural Gas and thus delivering the power of 127 PS and the torque of 249 Nm. The system is hybrid, and it would consist of the two electric motors along with the belt driven starter generator which would deliver the power of 26 PS. The connection of drive is to the current wheels. Also, the model will be available with the four-wheel drive versions soon.

Skoda Vision X Concept SUV

Skoda Vision X SUV Mileage

The current expected range is 644 Km for one fill of the tank. There is a feature of reserve petrol tank for the backup of the power with cold starting and usage in the emergency purpose. However, the overall mileage may even vary with the usage of electric power motor, petrol, CNG, and driving conditions.

Skoda Vision-X SUV Concept Interior

Skoda Vision-X concept interior dashboard

Skoda Vision-X concept interior dashboard

Skoda Vision X Interior

Skoda Vision-X Concept Interior

Braking and Safety of Skoda Vision X SUV 2020

The model with be having the concept of disc braking system on wheel along with EBD, ABS, and the brake assist for handling the surface conditions efficiently. For the safety measures, it will provide you with the dual front airbags, the curtain airbags for the rear occupants, and the three seat belts with the pretensions would even feature in the model. The model will assist the system with the sensors, visual display warnings, and the rear camera with the audio for the handling of the vehicle safely. There are more probability to debut at Auto Expo 2020 the production model of Skoda Vision X in India.

Skoda Vision-X Concept 2020


Performance and handling

The performance of the model will come up with the enhanced features with the drive mode selection to get the optimum use of this hybrid power model. The top speed that the Skoda Vision X SUV can achieve is 200 KM per hour. Also, the rate of the model would reach from zero to 100 Km per hour in around 9.3 seconds.

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