Tata Electric Cars 2019 – Best about the Tata Electric Cars 2019 – 2020

The electric vehicles (EV) and plug -in hybrids (PHEV) are getting very strong in the automotive market and the forecast for this 2019 is more than optimistic. Little by little, electric cars are becoming a real alternative for many drivers. The problems and restrictions derived from pollution, the price of conventional fuels and the greater autonomy of this type of vehicle are some of the reasons for its growing popularity.

Features of Tata Electric Cars

For years, the Tata group has been working on the launch of a tata electric cars. But so far they had not decided after a few tests with different models. But now the project has taken another dimension, and from the center of European development is finalizing a much more ambitious proposal.

 1. Tata Tiago Electric

The Tata Tiago is a development that has elements like a much more European look and worked as previous proposals. A compact with five doors that according to the latest information will become tata new electric cars.

At the moment there are no technical details of this proposal, but according to the sources the Tiago will borrow the technology installed in the prototype Bolt EV of Tata. We do not know who has chosen first, whether General Motors or Tata itself, but coincidence is coincidence.

Tata Tiago Electric

Under the front hood they have replaced the internal combustion engine with an electric motor of 55 kilowatts (75 horses), coupled with a transmission of a unique relationship forward and another backward. Its behaviour is similar to that of other vehicles of the same size with 75 horsepower engines. The tata electric cars in India achieves a maximum speed of 128 kilometres per hour, very close to that achieved by gasoline versions it has acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometres in 9 seconds.

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The modules of the lithium-ion batteries weighing 250 kilos have been assembled under the floor of the vehicle, providing a range of 217 km. In total, the car weighs 1,350 kilos with the complete equipment. The battery is only available the slow recharge type – which punishes less the batteries and ensures its long duration – plugged into the home network for eight hours.

2. Tata Nano EV

Tata presents her electric car at the Geneva Motor Show. The Nano EV. It is the Nano electric variant that has 40KW (54.4 HP) of power, is equipped with lithium polymer batteries, can travel 160 km with a full load and accelerate from 0 to 60 km / h in something less of 10 seconds.  Tata Electric Cars price are also not very high.

Tata Nano EV

As for its dimensions, measures 3.29 m long, 1.59 m wide and 1.60 m high. The Tata Nano EV keeps the four seats of the original model in a vehicle of such small dimensions.

The intention of TATA with the Nano EV is to accompany the Indica Vista EV on its way through the world of electrical. It is estimated that it will be available in Europe for 2012, and is expected to have a reduced price.

3. Tata Tigor EV

Tata Tigor Electric Vehicle

The upcoming Tata Tigor Electric Vehicle in India would be powered by an electric motor with power of 40 kW. The transmission system will have the single-speed AMT with drive connected to the front wheels. Tata Tigor EV power and torque may vary depending upcoming vehicle.  The Tata Tigor Electric also made its presence at last year Auto Expo. Tigor EV is expected to run 150 kmpl at full charge.

4. Tata Altroz Electric

Tata Altroz_ EV

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Tata Altroz Electric cars is based on ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) Architecture. Many reports have claimed that Tata Altroz EV will be priced at budget price. Recently this car show cased at Genevo motor show with electric variant.  As of now, Tata Motors has revealed the technical specifications of Electric Altroz. It car run 250 km range in full charges It also support fast charing technology.